Frequently Asked Questions

• How does SOLIUS reduce harmful ultraviolet rays?

SOLIUS uses a series of filters and complex optics to isolate the UVB spectrum of sunlight responsible for vitamin D production in the epidermis while virtually eliminating harmful UVA rays that penetrate deeply into the dermis. Isolating a targeted narrow spectrum of light allows SOLIUS to produce a magnitude more vitamin D than the sun with over 1,000 times less ultraviolet rays.

• How much more effective than the sun is SOLIUS?

In less than 5 minutes, SOLIUS can produce over 10 times more vitamin D than an hour of midday summer sunlight.

• What are the differences between the pathways of vitamin D in supplement form vs. endogenous vitamin D?

Endogenous vitamin D is a hormone made by the body when the skin is exposed to UVB light emitted by the sun or SOLIUS. As a hormone, the body has a built-in feedback system that allows for optimization and regulation of the entire process. Exogenous vitamin D from food or supplementation is processed differently by the body without optimization and regulation. Imbalances leading to serious health issues can occur from exogenous vitamin D but not from the endogenous form.

• How long should I stay in?

Exposure time is controlled by the SOLIUS software system using skin type information during registration. Carefully answer skin type questions and exposure time will be calculated. For most people, this exposure time is appropriate. Prior to each treatment, you will be asked to give feedback about your skin response to previous treatment and future exposure time may be reduced if needed.

• Will I get a suntan?

SOLIUS is designed to stimulate vitamin D without inducing a cosmetic suntan. If any skin color change occurs, exposure time will be reduced by the system to prevent all future occurrences.

• Can I get a sunburn?

It is rare, but possible for some very sensitive skin types to get a minor sunburn during initial treatments in SOLIUS. If a minor sunburn occurs, exposure time can be reduced by the system to prevent all future occurrences.

• Can I get too much vitamin D from SOLIUS?

The human body regulates endogenous vitamin D, preventing overdose or vitamin D toxicity.

• Are there any medications or creams that I shouldn’t take or use?

Do not use products that contain sunscreen less than 24 hours before using SOLIUS as sunscreen will inhibit cutaneous vitamin D production. Additionally, do not use SOLIUS, without consulting a physician, if you are using medicines (injected, oral or topical) that make you more sensitive to UVB light. Most photosensitizing medication contains a warning on the packaging informing the user to avoid sunlight.

• What is the difference between NB-UVB and SOLIUS technology?

SOLIUS isolates a very narrow spectrum of UVB light to maximize endogenous vitamin D synthesis. Narrowband UVB (NB-UVB) technology isolates a narrow spectrum of UVB light in a different range to treat dermatologic disorders. While NB-UVB can produce vitamin D, SOLIUS produces over 4 times as much per treatment with greatly reduced ultraviolet exposure.

• What if I have an emergency during treatment?

In the event of an emergency, location partners can unlock the door of SOLIUS from the outside to gain access to a user in need. The locking system is also manually operated by the user on the inside of the SOLIUS cabin and does not require power to function. In the event of a power failure, the LED LIGHTING has a battery backup and will remain on inside the cabin to allow users to locate the door and exit the booth.

• What if the software malfunctions?

SOLIUS is operated by two computers that check each other with redundancy to ensure the device operates safely and prevent malfunction from impacting treatment. In the event of a software malfunction, the system is designed to immediately shutdown any treatment in progress and prevent further treatment until serviced by a certified SOLIUS technician.

• What if I am already taking a vitamin D supplement?

There is no need to take a vitamin D supplement when using SOLIUS. The vitamin D production pathway triggered by SOLIUS is regulated by the body’s natural feedback mechanisms, preventing overdose or toxicity. Supplemental vitamin D, however, is not regulated by the body.

• What happens to all my personal information I’ve given you?

SOLIUS uses security best practices to protect software and data infrastructure. Additionally, all personal information (name, phone number, date of birth, etc.) is encrypted on the cloud database and in transit over the internet to maintain privacy. Your personal information is never sold or shared without your permission.